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- can be sailed without driver and skill certificate

- can be sailed without driver and skill certificate

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Askaleden 500
Askeladden 500 Trolling with Yamaha F30 og Console

You can sail without driving license and proficiency. Approved for 5 people, but the fishing is 4 people advisable. Suitable for fishing on your own.

You can also choose

We have several types of boats that you can choose between ...

  Types of boats:
Additional price per week
Asteria 540:
400 DDK - see the boat 
Sessa Ocean 550:
500 DDK - see the boat 
Sessa Tiburon 20:
600 DDK - see the boat 
Practical info/conditions
There are two 25 L plastic tanks in the boat, which the tenant must make sure to fill up as needed
Life jackets:
DThere are life jackets in the boat
The boat must be returned cleaned - otherwise imposed on fee. DDK 250,-

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