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Boatrent from DDK 800,- per day

If you want to arrange a angler trip on Funen and need a boat, we have a large selection of different boats suitable for angling. At Vestfyns Marinecenter we have boat rentals in Middelfart and Nyborg, where you can rent boats, all suitable for a fishing trip.

On this page you will see all our rental boats, but you can click on the 'Middelfart' or 'Nyborg' button to see which boats are rented out in which port. If you have any questions about boat rentals or need advice and guidance regarding the choice of boat or what it is necessary to bring with equipment, please feel free to contact us at +45 64 41 03 45.

Suitable for fishing. The boat has hardtop, so you have shelter from the weather. Approved for 4 people. For fishing is best with 3 people.

You can sail without proficiency / speedboat proof.

Super for fishing, the boat has hardtop where you can stand sheltered and dry weather. Approved for 5 people. Used boat for fishing, it is advisable to 3 people.

Super dejlig båd til hele familien, med masser af motorkraft.

OBS. Denne båd må ikke bruges til fiskeri og husdyr er ikke tilladt i båden.

You can sail without driving license and proficiency. Approved for 5 people, but the fishing is 4 people advisable. Suitable for fishing on your own.

Highly suitable for fishing, a boat trip or water skiing (since you can walk into the rear of the side of the boat, and not have to crawl into the hedge).

This type of boat Limbo 555 is approved for 6 people, and can be passed without driving license.

There are rich opportunities for fishing in the Little Belt or inside the calmer Fænøsund.

Bådtypen Cresent 465 er godkendt til 7 personer, og kan føres uden førerbevis.

Der er rig muligheder for fiskeri i Lillebælt eller inde i det mere rolige Fænøsund.

Quicksilver 500 med Dragonfly 6 GPS/SONAR and Yamaha F30

Ryds 535 S, Console with Lowrange GPS/SONAR and Yamaha F40

Highly suitable for fishing, boat trip on the Little Belt or a ride on water skis - you can walk into the rear of the side of the boat, and not have to climb over the hedge. Equipped with GPS, Fishfinder and swim vests.

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